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As part of Brinklow Football Clubs continued Football Development, an introductory coaching course has been devised which gives a brief insight into what coaching is all about.
The first course was held on Saturday 3rd March, including 2 hours theory covering all aspects of coaching, and 4 hours practical. The course was open to 13 year olds and above who are considering getting involved in coaching and maybe thinking of taking the level 1 badge in the future. It was also a fabulous opportunity for our existing qualified coaches to use as a refresher, It is planned to hold further courses in the future.

Some words about the event:-

'Martin, on behalf of me and Glazgo junior I would like to say a massive thank you for the hard work you put into todays session. Not only was it a great opportunity to learn new drills and coaching techniques, it was also great fun. I thought the young lads that turned up were magnificent and we have a very bright future to look forward to if they become the coaches of future Brinklow teams. Personally I would like to thank you for being a complete inspiration. I have learned a massive amount in such a short period of time. All I can say to those wo didn't make it today is - "Don't miss the next one !" I would like to ask you to run another session in the next couple of months, partly as a refresher for those lads that turned up today, but more importantly so that more of our current and future coaches can benefit.'

Tony Glasscoe


'Well done and thankyou to all who participated in todays coaching course/refresher. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was a fantastic group to be apart of and I certainly learned a bit more about coaching, and if todays standard was anything to go by, the players of BFC are going to be developed by some excellent coaches in the future.'

Martin Pulford
Head Coach
Brinklow Footabll Club


'It was a really useful day. Many thanks to Martin for giving up his time. Hopefully next time there will be more members of the club in attendance. I hope that we can do this type of thing again soon.'

Rich Farthing


'I would urge any of the current managers who weren't at the course yesterday to come to the next session. Martin & Rich were 'fantastic'. I picked up a bag load of drills & learnt many extremely valuable footballing techniques that will serve well with the u14's.
I was particularly proud of the u14's lads who attended, it must be a daunting thing to do to stand up in front of the Head Coach & run a coaching session but Martin made them each feel at ease & they did a brilliant job!!

Paul Wilby