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21st Oct 2008


Brinklow Football Club 12 Hour Sponsored Pool Marathon
Brinklow Football Club will be running a 12 hour sponsored pool marathon at the Raven on Saturday 22nd November 2008 from 9:00am to 9:00pm

All money raised will benefit Brinklow Football Club:
50% goes to the team that raised the sponsorship
50% goes to the Brinklow FC Changing Room Fund

Details of the event have been emailed to your team managers so if you are interested in the event please speak with them first.

Download the sponsorship form HERE

For further details contact the clubs social secretary

7th Oct 2008


Brinklow Managers at the Ricoh
Monday saw the majority of Brinklow FC managers visit the Ricoh for our monthly managers meeting and to discuss team and club objectives. Lots of discussion ensued including some proposals for club merchandise, Taffy & Frank will be looking at this in the forthcoming weeks (hopefully we can have something ready before Xmas). In the meantime, if there is something specific you would like to see please drop either Taffy or Frank a note so they can investigate.

One of the other items that came out of the discussion was a recommendation that all parents should complete the FA’s ‘Soccer Parenting’ on-line course. The course is free and provides guidance on specific areas that focus on the key issues involved when a child joins a football team. Take the course - HERE

15th Sept 2008


The ‘CLUB-LINK’ forum is a partnership between Brinklow FC in England & Surf Coast FC in Australia. The forum is intended to start a relationship between players and members of the 2 clubs so feel free to post any items of interest (topics don’t have to be football related).

The forum will be policed by the committee of Brinklow FC according to the guidelines laid down on our own club’s forum (which have worked well in the past). Please follow the guidelines as items not thought to be suitable will be removed.

Players of Brinklow FC have already been offered a welcome at Surf Coast FC so if you fancy a trip down under please let us know & we can put you in contact with our friends in Australia!


Paul Wilby

9th Sept 2008


New Sponsors Announced for u8's
Welcome to Asda and B&Q Warehouse who have kindly agreed to sponsor the u8's!!

6th Sept 2008


A Message from the Chairman
On the eve of a new season (albeit a tad water logged), good luck to all our teams & players ( seniors, youths, girls, boys and over 35's). Have a great season enjoy yourselves, play football in the right spirit and be proud of your club.

If you get chance bring some silverware home too.

To all our managers, coaches and assistants, stay calm, keep your head when all around are losing theirs but make sure you have great fun.

Good luck

Declan Mellett

25th August 2008


Pitch Planning for 2008/09 season- details Here
As you can imagine, with the loss of most of the Revel facilities, it has not been an easy task to accommodate everybody. In particular, it is unfortunate that we have not been able to retain any mini soccer for league teams at Barr Lane. However we will continue to look for local facilities over the next couple of months in the hope that we can achieve this during the early part of the season. Thanks to Bolty and Peter for their hard work on this one.

Tony Glasscoe

27th July 2008


Subscription Details 2008/2009
Details for the forthcoming season are as follows:-

Micro’s - £2 per week
Mini soccer (non-league) - £40
Mini soccer (league) -
11-a-side league - £70
Seniors - £120

(minimum 50% subscriptions payable on registration with all outstanding fines and subs from previous year)

The increase in subscriptions is required, as the Club will face an increase in pitch hire charges due to the loss of the Revel Prison College facilities. The extra financial burden will fall onto the junior section of the club and therefore there is no increase in the senior fees, as pitch hire has already been provided for in their budget.

Brinklow FC Committee

19th July 2008


Cov City Community Scheme - Summer Courses
See Here for details.
If you need any further information please contact Wayne Pulford

17th July 2008 UPDATED


Click Here for the meeting minutes

Click Here for the new committee.

Brinklow Football Club
Annual General Meeting

The Brinklow Football Club AGM will take place at the Legion Club, Brinklow on Wednesday 9th July 2008 at 7.30pm

Nominations for Committee positions should be submitted by the 23rd June 2008.
Members who have not previously sat on the committee are welcome to apply.

If you are interested in helping the club with any of these roles then please give Richard Farthing a ring.

Download the agenda & nomination form - Here

15th July 2008 UPDATED


Most people are aware that we are struggling to organise pitches for next year due to the loss of the pitches at the Revel.

Peter, Mick & Tony are currently working on a solution & at the committee meeting last night Peter requested that I contact all the managers & let them know they have sourced 1 senior size pitch & 1 mini-soccer pitch in Rugby. If any manager considers they would be happy to play games over in Rugby can they please contact one of the above asap to discuss.

Pitches for Next Season
Brinklow F.C. has been denied access to pitches at The Revel College for Season 2008/2009. If you are aware of any pitches - mini, intermediate or full size or indeed know of any suitable grassy areas which could be utilised for pitches (within a 7 mile radius of Brinklow) and may be available, please contact any of the people below as a matter of urgency.

Brinklow F.C. Managers please note, whilst the Club will do there best to find alternatives, pitch location preferences for next season may have to be compromised.

Peter Day

Tony Glasscoe

Mick Holt

11th July 2008


A Message from our new Chairman
I am really looking forward to chairing Brinklow FC and working with such a distinguished committee and management team. Thanks to the outgoing Chair - Rich - for all his hard work and creating a sound platform for which this new committee will move forward on.

We have over 250 players - Boys & Girls playing football every weekend. We are financially sound. We have a Parents Supporters group, a website that is the envy of all the league. A re-organised seniors. This chair will be a breeze; well that’s what I told Cherysee!

We have lots to be proud off. We must remember we are not owners of the football club but merely guardians, it is important we remember why we are here. Football is important to society with so much talk of teenage crime, knife killing etc we have an important roll to play. It has to be fun for all the players, managers and committee along with driving competitiveness, understanding winning and understanding losing.

I would like to see Brinklow FC reaching further into the eastern area of Coventry and into the western of Rugby. Our Mini-soccer set up is thriving with all our teams winning honours of some type.

Our 11-a-side teams are successful where we have teams. I would like to see at least one team per age group at 11-a-side. Success breads success, success can be measured in different ways. It can be by just achieving to put a team together and turning out each week. Alternatively success can be a measure by winning the league, ultimately the Red or A league. We should not be frightened of embracing both measures of success. We should look to continue to develop the girls section with the appropriate resources. With the senior section now on a strong footing, I am sure the on the pitch results will start to come back, Finally I welcome our new treasurer Rucky, Taffy as Seniors Secretary and Steve to the committee and watch out all you other non-committee members, we are going on a recruitment drive plus we are looking for a head coach. Remember it has to be fun for all and football is about dreams at all ages - Huddy remember Connor’s comments, lots to be done.

Declan Mellett

11th July 2008


Brinklow Under 13's Girls are Coventry & District Girls League Runners Up 2007/08
Congratulation to Brinklow U13's girls who have just been confirmed as league runners up.

Well done to everyone involved with the team!!!!!!

24th June 2008


Seniors Management Team Announced
Following last nights committee meeting we would like to announce the Seniors Manager and Reserves Manager for next season.

1st team - Paul Huddlestone

Reserves - Kris Beddar (Subject to enough players for two teams)

23rd June 2008


New FA level 1 Coach Announced
Congratulations to Liz Clarke who this weekend passed her FA's Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football.



(8Mb - If the links doesn't open, try right click, 'Save As' & save the file to your local drive, then open from there). Thanks to Alice Clarke for creating the video

(Sorry if I missed anyone! If you have any photos you want adding send them to me and i'll gladly include them).


Presentation Night
The Clubs presentation nights will take place on the following days:-

Seniors - Friday 4th 11th July 2008 at The White Lion, Brinklow. Time - 8pm
(Food will be laid on)

Juniors - Presentation will be at Barr Lane Playing Fields, Brinklow on Saturday 14th June 2008 at the following times:-
1pm - Micros, u8, u9, u10,
4pm -  u7, u11, u11girls, u12
6.30pm - u13girls, u14, u15, u16

Seniors - Smart Casual.
Juniors - Tour shirts if you have them, if not Playing Shirts.

9th June 2008


Brinklow Under 10's are 'Hillmorton Tournament' Winners 2007/08
Congratulations to the u10's who finished winners at the Hillmorton tournament.
Read a report - HERE

4th June 2008


Want to Raise Money for your Team?
We currently have a slot available for someone to run a BBQ at the clubs presentation day.

The club have been let down at short notice be the company planning to run the BBQ during our presentation. If any group of parents are willing to run the BBQ we will split the profits between the club & the age group concerned. The club will supply the BBQ but we will need you to make arrangements for purchase of burgers etc and generally take on the organising of the BBQ.

Are you interested? if so please contact Rich Farthing or Paul Wilby to discuss.

3rd June 2008


Brinklow teams finish Runners Up at our tournament
Congratulations to the 10's, 12's & 14's, who finished runners up at the Brinklow football tournament.

3rd June 2008


Brinklow 6-a-Side 2008 - Raffle Prizes
The draw for Wembley 'End of an Era' memorabilia took place on Sunday evening (Raffle ticket numbers were on the backs of the 6-a-side programmes)

The winners were as follows:-

1st - Limited Edition Framed Print of Wembley (original retail price £350) - TICKET NO 273
2nd - Limited Edition (Hardback) Cup Final programme (Aston Villa v Chelsea) + other Wembley programmes - TICKET NO 133
3rd - Limited Edition (Hardback) Cup Final programme (Aston Villa v Chelsea) + other Wembley programmes - TICKET NO 50
4th - Wembley Commemorative Plates - TICKET NO 456 (claimed by Mr J Mellet)

5th - Commemorative medal and Photo Album - TICKET NO 93
6th - Wembley ‘End of an era’ Mugs (set) - TICKET NO 167 (claimed by J Stothard)
7th - 2 litre bottle of Vodka - TICKET NO 101

Please contact Rich Farthing to claim any item.

3rd June 2008


Brinklow 6-a-Side 2008 - Photos
Photos from the event can be found HERE

Thanks to our club photographer Steve Hyde for providing images of the weekend.

3rd June 2008


Brinklow 6-a-Side 2008 - A Message from the Chairman
I hope that all of our players and supporters enjoyed the tournament as much as I did. On Sunday night I sat down and thought what is that makes it so enjoyable and I think that there are many reasons.

Firstly the planning and organisation has to be right to ensure everything runs smoothly, once this is done we need the volunteers to execute the plan and I would like to express my thanks to Alice Stenger for arranging this and getting so many helpers to turn up.

Secondly we need football and we had great games and for the first time teams from out of our area. It was apparent that the players enjoyed the football and that is exactly what the weekend is about. The matches were played in good spirit with supporters encouraging in a positive and constructive way. I have received lots of good feedback on the success of using the larger goals, the games were more attacking and lots more goals were scored.

Finally, the success is because the whole of Brinklow FC gets together for a weekend and we have a real family atmosphere. Members of different age groups meet for the first time and supporters see different age groups play for the first time. Managers and coaches exchange views and ideas, support each other especially, when and one of our teams is involved in a semi-final or final.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved over the weekend, to all of the volunteers, the committee, supporters, sponsors and of course our fantastic players.

Rich Farthing

27th May 2008


Brinklow Under 7's are 'Lutterworth Tournament' Winners 2007/08
Congratulations to the u7's who finished winners at the Lutterworth tournament.

26th May 2008 UPDATED



Coventry u13's Girls League Cup Final
Brinklow v Rugby Admirals
Date: 17th May 2008 - KO 11am
Venue: Hawkes Mill FC, Coventry
Admission: £1

(Thanks to Steve Hyde for the photos)

25th May 2008


Brinklow Under 9's are 'Rugby Town Festival' Winners 2007/08
Congratulations to the u9's who finished winners at the Rugby Town Football festival.

22nd May 2008 DONT FORGET!!


Seniors Section - Advertisement of Roles
Brinklow FC are looking for suitable people for the following roles for the 2008-09 season.

Senior Section Vice Chairman
This role will provide a figure head for the section and represent the seniors on the Club Management. Where appropriate this role will allow specific senior section issues to be dealt with without the need for club committee involvement. Applicants will be required to attend Club Committee meetings and provide support and advice to the Secretary, Managers and coaches. Applicants must demonstrate good communication skills, enthusiasm and reliability.

Senior Section Secretary
The secretary will be responsible for player registrations, attendance of league meetings, arranging and/or confirmation of fixtures and referees, league correspondence and admin of fines. Applicants need to be able to demonstrate organization, reliability and enthusiasm.

First Team Manager and Coach and Reserve Manager and Coach
Managers and coaches of the senior section are expected to be qualified to the appropriate Football Association standards with a minimum of level one and preferably a level two badge for coaches. The club will actively support and encourage the development of coaches. They are also expected to demonstrate suitable experience and on going personal development for their nominated position wherever possible. Managers and coaches of the senior section will agree to operate within the clubs policies and rules and will be accountable to the club committee at all times, including financial and administration matters.

Are you interested? if so please contact Rich Farthing before the 31st May 2008.

22nd May 2008


Key Dates
Notable dates coming up:-

31st May - Closing date for applications for Senior Officers 2008-09
23rd June - Closing date for nominations of managers & committee members for 2008-09. Interested parties please contact any of the committee.
30th June - Selection of senior officials to have be made
7th July - AGM 7pm The British Legion, Brinklow (more detail to follow)
31st July - Players Registration

13th May 2008


We Need a Van!!
The club are in need of a van to use during our 6-a-side (and the few days before). If you think you can help please contact Mick Holt or any of the committee.

12th May 2008


Brinklow Under 8's are 'Leamington Brakes' Runners Up 2007/08
Congratulations to the u8's who finished runners up at the Leamington Brakes Football festival.

5th May 2008


Brinklow Under 9's are Weymouth Runners Up 2007/08
Congratulations to the u9's who finished runners up on their tour to Weymouth. I haven't any further info at present but there is a posting on our forum - Here.

5th May 2008 UPDATED


Photographs Here

Brinklow Under 15 are John Bryan League Runners Up 2007/08
Congratulation to Brinklow U15's who, having beaten Cov Sector today are league runners up.

Well done to everyone involved with the team!!!!!!

Paul Wilby

26th April 2008 UPDATED


U13s Girls Semi Final - Brinklow 3 Leamington Hibs 1
Tears of joy were very much in evidence after the re-run of the u13's girls semi final today at Wolston Leasure Centre where the u13 girls ran out 3-1 winners against Leamington Hibs.

Liz Clarke, manager of the u13's girls posted this on the clubs forum:-

What can I say? They're unstoppable!! I am so proud of each and every member of the squad today. They played their hearts out in the heat and were never going to lose this match. A fantastic goal from Georgia Anderson's left foot in the first half and another one from Adey "Torres" Thandy gave us a 2-0 lead at half time. The second half saw us with the wind against us but it didn't deter us and a brilliant goal from Bethany "Boots" Morrison really sealed the tie. A consolation goal from Leamington Hibs later in the second half.
We just never gave up today even when it was obvious we were going to win it.
I was definitely more emotional than the girls at the end of it and really appreciated their cuddles!
Thanks to everyone for their help, support and encouragement with what could have been such a difficult morning.
Cup Final is 17th May at Hawksmill so will let everyone have the details when I have them. Please come and support....!!

Brinklow 0 Leamington Hib 3 - Pictures from the game HERE
(Thanks to Steve Hyde for the photos)

U13s Girls Semi Final
The U13s Girls team are through to the semi final of the Coventry & District Girls League Cup. Date and opponents still to be confirmed - so watch this space for more information. Well done to the girls - they thoroughly deserve it. For further information please contact Liz Clarke

25th April 2008


Seniors Section Constitution and Policy
The club have now issued a policy document relating to the seniors section - Here

12th April 2008


Brinklow Under 8 (Blue) are John Bryan League Champions 2007/08
Having spent the last couple of hours on the phone trying to get confirmation...... I can proudly announce:


well done to everyone...all the players, coaches, parents and deserve this ENJOY!!!!!!

Mark Troughton

12th April 2008


U10s (RED) Boys Semi Final
The U10s Boys (RED) team are through to the semi final of the John Bryan League Cup. KO for the semi final is 11am on Sunday 13th April at The Revel. For further information please contact Declan Mellett.

9th April 2008


U12s Boys Semi Final
The U12s Boys team are through to the semi final of the John Bryan League Cup. KO for the semi final is 2pm on Sunday 13th April at Winfield Rec, Butlin Road (off Clifton Road), Rugby. For further information please contact Richard Farthing

9th April 2008


Open Gardens Day
Brinklow Open Gardens Day will be taking place on Saturday 21st June 2008 - If anyone is interested in opening their garden for the event can they contact Rich Farthing & he will pass on your details.

6th April 2008 UPDATED


*****The Under 9's Blue team would like to thank everyone involved with the distribution of leaflets on Friday night, setting up of stalls today, and the running of the tables and car wash, which has earned us just short of £300. A great effort by all. Thank you !!!.*****

U9's Fund Raising
Under 9’s Blue Team are holding a fund raising event on Saturday 5th April, 12pm at the White Lion Pub to raise money for their football tour.
We require any unwanted items eg. books, toys, bric a brac. We will be collecting these on the evening of Fri 4th April - Should you have anything to donate, please leave it outside your front door.
Our event also includes a Car Wash, Cake Sale and Jumble Sale. Please come along and support your local football team.

22nd March 2008


Free Community Coaching over the Easter Holidays
Venue: Wolston Leisure Centre

11am - 12.15am

Tuesday 25th March
Thursday 27th March
Tuesday 1st April

Any further details please Contact Neil Huddlestone

20th March 2008 UPDATED



Brinklow Soccer Academy
Venue: Barr Lane, Brinklow

Brinklow will be running a series of 1 day Soccer Academies. The first 2 dates are as follows:-

Friday 15th February 2008 (11am-3.30pm) - Limited to the 11-a-side age groups (U10's NOW INCLUDED!)

Friday 28th March 2008 - Limited to the 7-a-side age groups

Cost: £5 per Brinklow FC Player. Friend(s) free (suggest share cost at £2:50 each).

Details have yet to be confirmed but for the older age group we are considering running an informal 4-a-side tournament, perhaps in the afternoon. As usual for the academy please remember to bring boots, shinpads & a drink. Also in case of wet weather, please remember a change of cloths & a waterproof.


Applications to Richard Farthing
or any of the committee

20th March 2008


Although this season has not quite finished the committee have already started to prepare for the 2008-09 season. We have some very positive ideas on the development of the teams and I am very optamistic that the we can raise our profile in the Coventry Alliance League. It is important that we hit the ground running and that is why the committee are putting together the foundations for success well before pre-season training starts.

I thank Paul, Danny, Dave and Martin for their efforts during the past season but we can't stand still and we must encourage others to become involved in coaching and also on the administrative side of the teams. Danny has decided not to continue as Manager of the Reserves but I am delighted he will continue to pass on his experience as a player. The committee worked hard to pursuade the Coventry Alliance to accept our application to enter a Reserve team but despite all of the hurdles put before us we managed to get the team into the league. Mick Holt deserves credit for the many hours he put in trying to find a sutiable pitch and thanks to persistence during the season the Reserves now have the same facilites as the 1st team at The Wolston Lesiure Centre.

The foundations to which I refer will need people, not only to coach and manage the teams but to raise the profile of our senior teams. We have many people within the Club who have these qualities and will want to be part of the future development of the teams. The 2008-09 season promises to be the start of exciting times for Brinklow FC Seniors.

Rich Farthing

22nd Feb 2008 UPDATED



PSG - Open Evening
Monday 25th February 2008 at 7:30pm at The Raven, Broad Street, Brinklow.

Anybody connected to Brinklow F.C. is more than welcome to attend this one off event. It is a social event, giving you an opportunity to express your views and ideas about Brinklow Football Club and how it is run. As a parent your input is vitally important to us, so please try and make time to come along, for what should be an enjoyable and informative evening.

Peter Day

17th Feb 2008


Senior Section Special Meeting Sunday 17th February 2008
Representatives & players from the seniors section and members of the committee met in the scout hut, Brinklow to discuss current issues with the seniors section. The club have issued the following statement as a result of this meeting:-

Club Statement
Both the 1st Team and Reserve Team will honour all remaining fixtures in the Coventry Alliance League for the 2007-08 season and the management of both teams will remain the same.

Senior Section training will continue at Butlin Road on Thursday nights and should be attended by all available 1st and Reserve Team players. If players are not available they should inform their manager.

Both teams shall field full teams, neither team should be short of players and communication between managers should be made at the earliest opportunity to ensure that both teams have sufficient numbers.

Before the commencement of the 2008-09 season the Club committee shall introduce a selection policy statement for the Senior section. This policy will be adhered to and respected by all managers, coaches and players of the Seniors. The committee shall appoint the management team who will be made aware of the selection policy and will only be accepted in the management role if they agree to abide by the policy. Likewise a similar agreement must be made by any player wishing to register and play for the club. Failure to agree will result in expulsion from the Senior section.

The attendees of the meeting strongly recommend that members of the existing 1st and Reserve Teams make all effort to commence improved integration before the end of this season.

Consideration will also be given to a proposal that the Senior section should have it’s own committee of 4 members.

11th Feb 2008


U15s photos from London Rd game
Thanks to our club photographer for the photos. see them HERE

25th Jan 2008


Found in Boltys Garden!!

17th Jan 2008 UPDATED


******The Revel College is closed again over this weekend (19th & 20th Jan)*****
*****Apparently the car park is flooded & some areas of the pitches.*****

Revel College Closed Over The Weekend
Due to the weather the Revel College will be closed for football over the weekend (12th & 13th Jan). Any problems please contact the clubs Secretary.

11th Jan 2008 UPDATED


****** Next PSG meeting - Monday (14th January) at The Raven - kicking off at 7:30pm. ******
****** The meeting is open to anybody else who might like to get involved with the PSG

Feedback from the 1st Meeting - HERE

Parent Support Group
We are looking to form a Parent Support Group within the club and are collating names of those interested. 'PSG' will be a body to suppport the committee in arranging social functions etc and to pass feedback to committee from parents. We would like a cross section of age groups to be represented and all are welcome. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact either Peter Day or Richard Farthing.

9th Jan 2008


Income and Expenses - A Request to Managers
Can you all please make sure that when you purchase anything that the details are passed to Gordon Betts or Andy Hunt so that the expense can be recorded in the books. If your kit is being purchased by a sponsor then again this must go through the books as an expense and we have to show all of our sponsored income. There has been some cases where kits and other items have been bought by teams but not passed to the treasurer.

Also if your team has fines or outstanding subscription payments then can you please collect them in and pay to Gordon or Andy as soon as possible.

8th Jan 2008 UPDATED



Brinklow 6-a-Side 2008 Dates Announced
The tournament will take place on the following dates:-

Juniors - 30th May to 1st June 2007
(Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday)

Further details to follow.

6th Jan 2008


Level 2 Coaching Course
The club is considering holding a F.A. Level 2 coaching course but need to gauge interest first - Anyone who is interested please contact Rich Farthing.

23rd Dec 2007


Message from the Chairman
Another year is coming to a close and it seems to me that each year passes more quickly than the previous one, I am told that is due to age, just like my list of injuries.

The 2007-08 season has been really exciting with our teams playing exceptional football and some teams are pushing for league titles, which is just what we all want to see. However whatever position each team finds itself in at the moment I am very confident that everyone will give 100% and enjoy playing football.

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors and coaches for their dedication and time given, it might be an old cliché but the club could not function without all of you, so once again thank you.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rich Farthing

18th Dec 2007 UPDATED


Lads v Dads

Football Match - 26th Dec 2007!

- Get him out of Bed,
get his kit on & get him down
to Barr Lane!!!
K.O - 11am

Players from the Girls teams
are of course welcome!!

Everybody is welcome to take part in the above event taking place next Wednesday.

All age groups can be accomodated as we can set up a number of pitches.

The emphasis is on having some fun with participants playing for as long (or as little) as they wish.
Matches usually last an hour or so.

So just turn up and play and if you fancy a beer afterwards it's traditional to retire to
The White Lion for post match analysis.

22nd Nov 2007


Brinklow U11’S Keeper Daniella Becomes A Film Star!!
Extracts from the Cov City ladies website

Coventry City Ladies U12's COE Goalkeeper was over the moon at being asked to take part in the latest FA coaching DVD. She attended a Goalkeeper coaching session led by Andy Poole the FA Regional Coach Development Manager and UEFA A Licence coach. She seized her opportunity by showing off her goalkeeping skills in front of the cameras, which resulted in a 15 minute session included in the new DVD. The session centred on Goalkeeper coaching and player development and can be found under the technical defending section on disc 2 of this great new coaching tool. Andy Poole explained, “The DVD is called “ Developing the Player: The 4 Corner Approach” and is produced by the FA as a candidate resource for the 'new' format of the Level 2 Coaching Certificate “L2CCF”. The DVD highlights the structure and strategy for maintaining a player centred approach to coaching” Richard Seedhouse, Coventry City 's own Goalkeeping coach said, “this was a great opportunity, there are not many people who can say they have appeared in an FA coaching DVD and she should be very proud of herself” The new 2 disc DVD illustrates throughout, the practical ideas that will help support the coach in their coaching. It has been developed to introduce coaches to the principle of The FA 4-corner Player Development Model.

18th Nov 2007


Coventry & District Girls Football League Website
Janine Stothard has now set up the website for the Coventry & District Girls Football League (well done Janine).
Why not take a look HERE

8th Nov 2007


u15's Photos
Photos from last weeks game against Whitley have now been added to our club photographers website, see - HERE. If you are interest in purchasing prints go HERE

9th Oct 2007


New Sponsor Announced for u16's
Welcome to Ecas Services Ltd who have kindly agreed to sponsor the teams kit!!

2nd Oct 2007


New Sponsor Announced for u7's
Welcome to Costa Del Hols who have kindly agreed to sponsor the teams training/away kit!!

25th Sept 2007


Martin Peters Charity Sporting Dinner
Martin Peters will be appearing as guest speaker with top comedian and Compere on Friday 19th October 2007, at the Draycote Hotel & Golf Club, near Rugby, starting at 8:00pm. Further details Here.

Also, if your interested in sporting memorabilia THIS may be the place to visit!

23rd Sept 2007


Advertisers needed for ON THE BRINK
We currently have some advertising space to fill in the forthcoming seasons, in-house magazine, ON THE BRINK. If you are interested please contact Paul Wilby using the details HERE.

Annual Cost - £50/quarter page, £75/half page, £100/full page.
Inclusion of an advert into the clubs magazine 'ON THE BRINK' for the footballing season (8 issues - Oct to May).
Additionally, inclusion in the clubs 6-a-side programme (500 copies) during June.
Electronic copies of the magazine are also distributed via the clubs website

Circulation is currently 260 copies per issue. All costs include any advert design work or you may supply your own copy if you wish.

13th Sept 2007


u9's Girls Team Need Help
Janine Stothard is on the look out for somebody to take on and run the girls under 9 age group. In fact she is now desperate as she already has two older age groups. They train Saturday's at Barr Lane in the afternoon. Can anybody help? or does anybody know of somebody who can help? If so please contact Janine Stothard or Rich Farthing

9th Sept 2007 UPDATED



Subs Policy for 2007/08

I am pleased to announce that the committee have agreed to maintain the current levels of junior subscriptions for the 2007/08 season. The club have been able to hold prices at the current levels due mainly to the kind help of our many sponsors & also income from our 6-a-side tournament. Having performed a survey of other club's subscriptions in the past we are of a view that our subscription rates are cheaper than the vast majority of clubs in the area & offer great value for money. If you have any comments to make regarding the fees please forward an email to myself at  & I will ensure that the comments are raised with the committee.

Subscription levels for 07/08
Junior Non League £30 payable in weekly instalments of £2
Junior (7 a side) League £50
Junior (11 a side) League £60
“Training only” fees are payable at £2 per week for non registered players

Seniors Subs have been set at £120 payable in two instalments, end of Sept 07 & Jan 08

9th Sept 2007


New FA level 1 Coaches Announced
Congratulations to all those who today passed the FA's Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football - Here.

3rd Sept 2007


Message from the Chairman
I would like to welcome all of you to the 2007-08 football season at Brinklow Football Club. The summer has flown by and to be honest with the wet weather it seems as if the football season never ended. I would like to extend a special welcome to all of our new players and members who have joined us during the close season.

We start 2007-08 as an FA Charter Standard Development Club, which shows the commitment the club has to conducting its business both on and off the field in a professional manner. The new committee is experienced and will continue to drive the club forward but at the same time easing the burden on the managers and coaches to concentrate on the football.

I am delighted with the high standard of managers we have in place from the micro section up to the senior teams.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and time to manage a team and although rewarding there are times when it can be a difficult job. I hope that all members of the club will support the managers during the season.

All of our players are raring to get started and I am sure that the performances on the pitch will be of a very good standard. Building on last season’s success is very important and we have a very good chance of winning competitions at all levels.

Finally the committee are looking to form a Parent Support Group, which will be a forum for parents or supporters to air their views on club and football issues. In turn I hope that it will be another communication process available to the committee.

All that is left for me to say is good luck to all of the players, managers and supporters for the new season.

Rich Farthing

11th August 2007


Managers for the forthcoming season announced - Here!!

5th August 2007 UPDATED


Summer Goalkeeper Training!! - details Here

21st July 2007


Pitch Planning for 2007/08 season- details Here
I have had to make one or two changes but the manager's involved are aware of the reasons.

As we have no teams playing on the full size pitch at Barr Lane we are able to have two mini soccer pitches instead. I have spead the use of pitches on Saturday and Sunday's as much as possible. I have also allocated single points of contacts (SPOC's) for the grounds who must be contacted and kept informed of games and any problems. If your pitch is unfit due to weather etc this does not mean that you can turn up elsewhere and play it must be agreed with the SPOC. Likewise training sessions must be booked through the SPOC. Also please remember to leave the facilities as you would like to find them, clear up all rubbish, take down goals where appropiate and corner flags, put everything back where it belongs. Do not allow players to clean boots in sinks etc or leave mud on car parks. If you play at Barr Lane please ask a supporter/parent to ensure nobody parks in Doctors parking bays or blocks in residents. Do not park in the Surgery car park if the surgery is open and if the car park is full then cars will have to park in Broad Street. There are plenty of cones so please use them to keep the parking controlled.

Richard Farthing

18th July 2007


u16's looking for New Players
Brinklow u16's are looking for experienced players to strengthen the current squad for next season (school year 11 2007/2008). Anyone interested please contact either Peter Day or Bob Kearney.

18th July 2007


Brinklow Football Club Annual General Meeting
The Brinklow Football Club AGM took place on Monday 9th July 2007, at the Legion Club, Brinklow.

Click Here for the new committee.

Click Here for the Chairmans report.

Click Here for the meeting minutes.


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